Wednesday, Fourth Week of Lent Patrick, Missionary to Ireland March 17, 2021

Prayer pointers:

To trust that all things are in God’s care

To remember your baptism

Today’s text: Joel 3:11-16

THE LEGENDARY PATRICK is now more a figure of merrymaking to us, but the original stories around him were of a man who placed all of himself into the care of the Lord Jesus. Patrick had many enemies as he traveled around Ireland, and legend or no, this missionary was confident in God as he called the tribes and nations to a moment of decision.

You may be aware that the hill of Tara in Ireland is a focal point for Patrick’s work and Ireland’s history. As you pray today, feel free to borrow the following prayer but put the name of your own place of work or where you find yourself in Tara’s place:

At Tara today—O fateful hour!

I call on heaven with all its power,

The sun that beams,

The snow that gleams,

The fire that burns,

The storm that churns,

The blowing wind, like the falcon that turns,

The very earth itself—

All these, held in God’s almighty hand,

I call as witnesses against the forces of darkness

And place myself in God’s graciousness.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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