Wednesday, 11th Week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 1:1-14

Prayer Pointers:

To grow as a person of prayer

To ask for the power of the Holy Spirit

To be a witness for Christ

THE DAILY LECTIONARY turns to the Acts of the Apostles, a wonderful book for modern Christians to read, ponder, and pray over its stories. As you read, you might see how the ancient world it describes is eerily like ours. The first century world was undergoing profound changes, experiencing massive population shifts, grappling with war, seething with injustice, experiencing both decadent materialism and deep religious ferment, along with profound anxiety about the future.

Sound familiar?

You may wish to read ahead—Acts is readable in about two-four days of steady effort. Then as we examine the passages selected by the daily lectionary, they will have some context.

Today, I only want to point out that Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, the Comforter is on the way. The disciples will not be left alone, but they will continue to experience the presence of Jesus through the Spirit’s power. But do not be fooled! The true power of the Holy Spirit is not found in the manifestations that so many Christians obsess over; the true work of the Holy Spirit is to put Old Adam, Old Eve to death. The Holy Spirit does this by turning our attention outward, to give us eyes, hearts to see life differently. Other gifts come with the Spirit, but the true work of the Spirit is finally to set us free for Christ. The Spirit does not come so that we might climb some holy mountain by ourselves—the Spirit comes so that we might have the energy, the courage, the faith to go down to the city and tell good news.

But that must wait to tomorrow.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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