Tuesday, Fifth Week of Lent March 23, 2021

Updated: Mar 24

Prayer pointers:

That God would bless those who you think are wrong

That God would grant the gift of faith to many

For any who are disabled

Today’s text: John 9:18-41

IN HIS GOSPEL, John is emphatic about two things: faith is the ability to see rightly God and his works; this ability comes as a gift.

Understanding both of these points helps followers of Jesus understand the problem of “enemies.” As we see in this story, the progression of the man born blind in his understanding of Jesus also means that those who do not share his growing faith become increasingly hostile to him. To leave behind what is “normal” or “expected” means that family, friends, and neighbors will react, usually negatively. They do not see.

However, the hostility of others should never move the Christian to hostility. Faith is a gift, and it is always in service to God’s purposes that we are given the gift of sight/faith, the chance to grow in trust. The fact that others “do not see” should move us to humility that we have been called to receive a great gift; we should never respond with self-righteous arrogance or hardheartedness. We have been forgiven, and so we forgive. We have been given a gift, so we are generous. We remember our own blindness, so we are compassionate to those who are still groping in darkness. We bless, rather than curse, because we remember and can now see that all things are able to reveal the works of God (John 9:1-3).

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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