Tuesday, 22nd week of Pentecost

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Text: Acts 26:24-27:8

Prayer Pointers:

For guidance from God in all your decision making

For our fellow citizens and our country on this election day

For those who work jobs of all types in sea and airports

HAD HE NOT CHOSE AS HE DID, Paul would have been set free that day. After weeks of “house” arrest, and three hearings, Agrippa and Festus are ready to let Paul go. But the law is clear: an appeal to Caesar must finish its course.

But, you say, did Paul really choose? After all, the story so far has noted more than once how it was the Lord’s will for Paul to be heard in Rome, that great city. Paul did not choose but was chosen—elected! —that he might bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Our world, of course, is built on the necessity of choice. We are all free to choose. We are not so sure that we are free to NOT choose, for as one pop song put it “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!” We reject the idea that some things in life are simply part of the fabric of existence, completely beyond our choices and therefore only for us to accept as boundaries or limits on our lives.

But what if you make the wrong choice? Teens know the agony of wrong choices, because everything in life at that age is overpacked with meaning and importance, but even seasoned adults are not immune. Part of the blessing of maturity is being able to recognize which decisions are “important” and which are not, but who among us is impervious to the nostalgia or regret that comes from reflecting on the choices we have made?

Cast all your anxieties on God, for he cares deeply for you. Peter writes this reminder in his first letter, and it is a good word to remember today, and every day. Pray for guidance, decide in faith and rest in God, trusting him to bring forth Kingdom fruit from all our choices.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

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