Tuesday, 10th Week after Pentecost

Text: Romans 14:1-12

Prayer Pointers:

To remember why we have spiritual habits

For forbearance in love when dealing with others

For God to give strength, that his people may stand

ONE OF THE BIGGEST days in a child’s life is the first day she or he learns to stand.

It comes by slow degrees: first sitting up without help, then the child pulls up on furniture or some sturdy nearby adult, and then, around 18 months—away they go! From this moment on, the whole world is available to them.

Keep in mind that this move toward standing depends on two related facts. The first is that standing on two feet is contained within the very idea of being human. Within a human life is the potential for standing alone—there is energy, force, purpose, whatever you wish to call it—and standing is an answer to that urgent push of life within each individual human. That potential must be answered, must be acknowledged!

The second fact is that standing up takes practice. It requires having others around to model standing. It requires falling, stumbling, failing. It requires not giving up but getting up and trying again. It requires learning from the falling but being kind and forgiving about the fact of falling.

In other words, standing begins in the gift of life that only God can give, but it manifests itself relationally, intentionally, developmentally. We learn to stand with others, by keeping focused on the goal of standing, and giving standing the time and attention it needs.

In the same way, Jesus Christ has given to you his own endless life. Within that life is potential beyond measure. May the Lord help you stand today so that you can discover what the life of the Spirit can do and make available to you the whole world.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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