Thursday in the Sixth Week of Easter

Prayer Pointers:

For the growth of the Church

For those who give witness to Christ by word, deed or life

Today’s text: Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24: 44-53

Today is the day that the Church observes the Ascension of the Lord. We are now forty days after the spiritual explosion of the Resurrection, and Luke tell this story to emphasize that Jesus, risen and alive, has taken up his role as glorified Lord. From now on, it will be the Lord’s representatives who will move out into the world to announce him and his victory.

And you and I are now a part of that company of representatives, included by our baptisms in the “glorious company of the apostles… the noble fellowship of the prophets… the white robed army of martyrs… the holy Church” which marvels at the majesty of God the Father, the glory of the God the Son, and the power of God the Spirit.

It is that majesty, that glory, that power (Acts 1:8) that moved a small band of men and women from small Bethany outside Jerusalem all the way to the imperial city of Rome, and down to the ages even to your very home, your very neighborhood, your very city, your world.

Rejoice, beloved of God! The power of the Lord is with you.

Easter Joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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