Thursday, Fifth Week of Epiphany February 11, 2021

Prayer Pointers: To recognize our need for God’s grace

For thankfulness that God’s glory shines into the world

Today’s text: Mark 10:17-31

ARISE, SHINE, FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME! These words, from the beginning of chapter sixty of Isaiah, are also appointed for this day. They are a reminder of two things: one, that our knowledge of God comes only from God himself—we cannot know God except that he shows himself to us, that his glory shines on us—and two, that if we need light, it is because we are groping around in the dark.

The passage from Mark is an illustration of where our true danger lies. The rich young man, like many who are rich, comes to Jesus looking to add one more thing to his collection. “I’m even prepared to have a wall taken out and the spiritual display section expanded.” For Jesus to tell him that the thing that he believes is best about himself, the thing that says to him I am blessed, God favors me is the real problem, is a crushing blow to his view of himself: he is sitting in the dark and prefers that condition. His very wealth, a towering part of his life, casts a deep shadow into which he has disappeared.

Wherever and however we are rich: natural talents, abilities or smarts; contacts, connections or networks; the right opinions, theories or philosophies—all of these are places where we are tempted to think that there is no need to seek God’s guidance for how to use them, or God’s protection against them. We come to think that these belong naturally to us, never realizing that all of life comes from God’s hand and is for his glory. May God’s light shine on each of us and call us forth from the shadows in our lives.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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