Sunday, 24th Week after Pentecost

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Text: Jonah 1:1-16

Prayer Pointers:

For the courage to go where God directs

For the courage to repent when we run from God

For those who go to sea on ships

THE PROPHET JONAH is the epitome of a disobedient man of God. God calls to him, instructs him on the path to take, the destination to find and Jonah goes the exact opposite direction.

Out on the sea, his recklessness is exposed, and he is at the mercy of God.

And God answers his call.

They that toil upon the deep,

And in vessels light and frail

O'er the mighty waters sweep

With the billows and the gale,

Mark what wonders God performs

When He speaks, and, unconfined,

Rush to battle all His storms

In the chariots of the wind.

When by the dreadful tempest borne

High on the broken wave,

They know Thou art not slow to hear,

Nor impotent to save.

The storm is laid, the winds retire,

Obedient to Thy will;

The sea that roars at Thy command,

At Thy command is still.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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