Saturday, Third Week of Lent March 13, 2021

Prayer pointers:

For God to give you a spiritual friend

That God would guard your heart

Today’s text: Philippians 2:1-11

HOW ARE YOUR LENTEN disciplines going? Many of us struggle with maintaining the disciplines of Lent—with all the other things in life with which we have to deal, they are hard to keep going. Also, God does not need our disciplines, so what is the point?

In part, the rule we adopt during Lent is meant for us, not for God. It is we ourselves that need the practice! But also, the purpose of Lenten observances is hinted at in our passage today: our efforts during Lent help to curb our prideful hearts.

A major antidote to a pride-filled heart is also hinted at in this passage: we need others to help us keep watch over our hearts. We should look to the interests of others, says Paul, meaning that our faith lives are not things we work out in isolation, but they affect and are affected by the community we share. One of the key means to combat pride is to bring a friend alongside us as we say, “I cannot do this alone.”

It’s more fun, too!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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