Saturday, 22nd week of Pentecost

Text: Acts 28:17-31

Prayer Pointers:

For grace to endure for the sake of Christ

To remember that we hold all things as stewards

For joy on this earthly pilgrimage

For a life that gives witness

AS WE COME TO THE END of our journey with the Apostles, we finish on the porch of a borrowed house. Paul lived in Rome for two years, a prisoner of Caesar Nero who would have him executed sometime between the years 64 and 67.

To remember that we live with things borrowed from or loaned by God is a useful lesson. We are travelers, pilgrims, walking through this world on our way to our true home. We would do best to travel light—to not carry much in the way of burdens. That could mean not holding onto many material things, which are borrowed and will go to others soon enough; but it also means not holding onto or lugging spiritual burdens—to not carry with us hate, or bitterness, nor fear or indifference. Out there, in the world, there are still those who need to hear good news, who need to know that if they chanced to lift their heads from their daily attention that they would see the God who loves them and wishes to bless them. Out there, in the world, are men and women searching, yet afraid to search for they dread finding nothing; men and women giving themselves to gods that do not save; men and women wondering what purpose their lives really have.

They might welcome an invitation to sit on the porch.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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