Monday In the Second Week of Easter

Text: John 14:1-17

Prayer Pointers: For grace during life’s journey

We continue in our second week of Easter celebrations, for the Easter season is a week of weeks—7x7, a sign of perfection, or maybe better, completion. Under God’s watchful care, all things find their right ending. They are made complete.

The promise of the “many rooms” in the Father’s house are an echo of this idea. In a world where many were transients, where whole peoples stayed on the move, where houses themselves might be dismantled and rebuilt, where Jesus and his own disciple were constantly on the road, this image of life with the Father as a place of permanence and stability would be very appealing. In God, the journey of life finds its appropriate and correct ending, and the resurrection is the sign of the Father’s good will toward us.


Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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