Monday, Fifth Week of Lent March 22, 2021

Updated: Mar 23

Prayer pointers:

For eyes to see Christ where he is found

To be glad for God’s glory to shine through you

Today’s text: John 9:1-17

LUTHERAN THEOLOGIAN Charles Krauth once wrote “charity is the very face of Christ.” In our world, where it is hard to understand or imagine how God is at work (because we have bracketed out the possibility that spiritual things can work with or in material things), it is all the more important that we engage in acts of charity, or love, because it is in engaging with others that Christ is encountered.

To say that another way: ministry is how Christ is met!

If you want to know the Lord, find and do a ministry in Jesus’ name. If you are not sure what your ministry is, the place to begin is to ask God to be glorified in your life. Ask God to work through you. Give yourself up to his hand and let him reshape you, transform you. Ask him to lead you to others whose need intersects with your Godly hopes. Do not be afraid of getting dirty, or doing something odd, strange or out of character for you (i.e. verse 6). Just be ready to see some amazing things.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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