Friday, 24th Week after Pentecost

Text: Luke 12:13-31

Prayer Pointers:

To be wary of those things that stoke your hungers

To trust the Lord to fill you with what is needful and good

For the Lord’s beauty in your life

DO NOT BE ANXIOUS. This short sentence is one of the essential themes of Jesus’ ministry; he comes into life to announce God’s favor, to declare to those who know they are far away from God that they should not be afraid because God has a tender father’s heart and has drawn near to them. The circumstances of life are not what matter, but in all circumstances, God the Father is at work in our lives.

It is in this frame of mind that Paul writes about his imprisonment. If you read closely, he never says he is a prisoner of Nero; he always tells his reader that he is a prisoner of Jesus Christ. He is Christ’s man! No other descriptor mattered. If he was in that cell, then there was a good, Godly reason that Jesus wanted him there, and the only thing that mattered was to be open to that reason, whether it was to shape Paul the man or to enable others to hear Paul’s good news.

Days will come, as you work and serve, that you will be distracted, harassed, angry, anxious. Things will go wrong. You will not feel adequate to your work. You will see others are not measuring up. It will feel like prison! When that moment comes, stop. Stop, and ask the Lord to help, to help you see where he is near, where he is at work in your life. Ask him to help you walk in beauty and in peace.

And in the silence of your cell, listen for his voice.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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