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The Gospel Challenge

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Most people use Bible Gateway when looking up scripture, searching for keywords, etc. An alternative is -- I find it easier to navigate (especially if I want to use the commentaries). If you click on the settings icon (upper right corner of the screen) you'll see lots of options. Why not post your thoughts here whether you liked it or not if you check it out.

The Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Bible study has started the study of John. Last evening we discussed John 1 and 2. We talked about repentance as the straight way to prepare to receive Jesus. As John proclaims, no one has ever seen God, but Jesus, the Son of God makes him known. We shared how easy it is to impose our ideas and create God in our own image.

Started this morning with the first chapter of Matthew. I'm a visual learner so I followed along in my Bible. A bit tedious to listen to the names but the purpose is clear: to show that Jesus was the long-awaited King, the Son of David, the Messiah whose coming was prophesied throughout the Old Testament.

Bible Gateway ( has a section where you can listen to the Bible!

The Audio Bible lets you select the translation you'd like to listen to and the book of the Bible to hear. You can also set a timer for how many minutes the recording will play!

They also have a variety of reading plans to choose from.



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