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Lutherans For Life

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Lutherans for Life

Speaker Rev. Scott Licht

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Presentation starts promptly at 10 AM

Morning Session:

"Just As...I AM...God's Vocation for ALL People"

Covering Topics Such As:

  • People with a disability

  • People who have experienced miscarriage/stillbirth

  • Singles/Widows/Widowers

  • Survivors of Suicide

  • Suffering...

Ends at Noon with Lunch until 1:00 PM

Afternoon Session:

"Practical Considerations at the End of Life"

Covering Topics Such As:

  • Documents

  • Hospice

  • Caring for Caregivers

  • Organ donation

  • Grief

  • Palliative Care

Ends at 2:30 PM


About Lutherans for Life: OUR MISSION … Equipping Lutherans ...


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