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Lutherans For Life

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This flyer lists all the Life Week events which are evening Zoom presentations at 8 PM ET. They correspond with the Just as...I AM theme that will be the subject of Rev. Scott Licht's presentation at Grace on February 3rd.

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Lutherans for Life

Speaker Rev. Scott Licht

Saturday, February 3, 2024

“Christians are to love their neighbors, including the unborn … (Proverbs 24:11, 29:8-9) … This means we can and ought to pray for the unborn, for women who have the choice of preserving or ending the life of their unborn child, for women who have had abortions and who need forgiveness in Christ—freely given through faith, for abortion doctors who are directly responsible for killing these children, and for our governing officials.” Pastor David Thompson, St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Lombard, Illinois – For more information on Lutherans for Life PALS group...


About Lutherans for Life: OUR MISSION … Equipping Lutherans ...


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