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Duke Lutherans

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Our Duke Lutheran brothers and sisters are returning for worship service on Sunday, 1/14. Please prayfully consider attending and offering a warm "Welcome Back" to them for what looks like a chilly first week on the Spring(?) 2024 calendar.🐧❄️

A big thank you to all who helped serve the Sunday Night dinners at the DLC last fall. The meals where very much appreciated by the students and a big hit! The new sign-up is available thru the link below. The first opening is this Sunday so if the spirit moves you...

Peace and blessings,

Barbara S

Here is a photo from last night's Final's Reading Period brunch. There were approximately 20 people in attendance.

Food ideas for the DL night brunch:

fresh fruit - Margot W

bagels and cream cheese - Kathy Peterson

muffins - blueberry and cranberry orange - John and Whitney Kolba

Potato dish/hash browns - Marie Hammond

mini quiche - Barbara Silvernail



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