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This is a summary of my conversation today with Robert McElfatrick. He is very interested in mission work.. He has a son-in-law who is involved with an orphanage in Brazil. Robert, himself, has done overseas medical mission work in the past. Even if he is no longer able to participate directly in mission work, he is willing to sponsor, mentor or otherwise be supportive. He has a heart for families and is interested in mentoring in life skills, such as parenting, budgeting, communication, etc within and outside the congregation. He thinks the older generations have wisdom to share with the younger generations. He likes the idea of helping on a one to one basis someone in the community who needs someone to walk alongside them as they work to improve their economic status.

Am reading about listening in congregation. The author suggests that listening is a critical skill in small groups. She discusses the model lIke ours where a lay leader provides oversight for a few small groups By meeting regularly with the leader of the assigned group. Our sitúation is that nobody wants to take leadership in our group.

This is a quote from her book which I find valuable, “According to my interviewees, what makes a group successful is that the members are able to talk honestly about their faith and their lives in the presence of people who genuinely listen. Nancy Ammerman’s research echoes the perspective of my interviewees. Small groups in congregations provide a significant place for people to grow in their ability to figure out and articulate the intersection of their faith and their everyday lives.”

SigI is in FL with her brother. They are making decisions about family property there. Frank will be on a business trip when we meet next time and says he is good with whatever we decide as a group. I called Kristen while she was in a meeting and am waiting for her return call. Will try to connect with others today.

This is weird. I've posted (thought I'd posted) a couple of times but neither comment/post I made is available now...


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