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Week #1

The Evidence of the Resurrection in our Lives

Week # 2

The Need for Church Life

Week #3

The Truth of His Word

Week #4

The Mission to Reach Others

Week #5

The Journey Forward

What a marvelous work the resurrection has accomplished! The shame and guilt of our past sins have been washed away. Our future is full of hope, power, and the guarantee of eternal life. In what  ways do you feel you have been transformed by Jesus?

What's the most difficult or bothersome thing about church to you? Can you think of one thing God might be trying to teach you through the way it affects you? One of the most wonderful things about God is that He is relational. Church doesn't work without enduring relationships.

The promises of God endure much longer than anything we can build or do. What do you think is one of the most comforting or encouraging promises that God has given? In what ways have you seen God's promises endure or come to pass in your life?

We were never meant to huddle in our churches or to keep our faith private. What a privilege that He involves us in His work of salvation for others. While it may be intimidating, difficult, and even disappointing at times, there is no cause or effort more deserving of our focused and determined effort. 

You are on a journey where you are learning to grown in faith and love. A journey, where every day provides an opportunity for you to grow closer to Jesus. Do you have a ministry dream? What is it? What little steps can you take toward it within the next few weeks?

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